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IN-DEPTH: Controversial mRNA Technology Now Targeting Livestock

icon Jan 11, 2024

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icon April 21, 2023

Ed Cane

The ‘deep state’ wants to cull the herd. Cattle and people. It’s time to flush the deep state (billionaires and bureaucrats) back down to the sewer they crawled out of. The sooner the better. Vote Republican, but beware the RINOs.

icon April 21, 2023


Just purchased a half steer from my cousin. Clean and non-poisoned beef.
No more store bought “beef.”

icon April 21, 2023

Barry White

By the way…
The food you get from the farms and ranches that are GMO cannot make you Genetically Modified, nor can it be detrimental to how you digest and process the food.
IE. FAT does not make you fat. Fat contains building blocks for all of your HORMONES that you naturally produce. Non-exercise makes you fat.
FOCUS on what you can change. Everything else is pointless worry.

icon April 21, 2023

Colt Baldwin

Who is doing this, and under what sick, diabolical pretense? Legislation is a must, but how about investigating and arresting those responsible for intentionally trying to poison everyone. Enough is enough.

icon April 21, 2023


Informed consent, or we will find you and feed you the poison you tried to make a profit on our childrens’ health.

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